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We are serious about our coffees. Like most coffee aficionados, our journey started after going through a paradigm shift— that first cup of coffee, the mesmerising and vibrant flavours, that juicy, silky mouthfeel, that lingering sweetness, followed by a clean finish. It was that particular experience that made us challenge the industry norm, and question how and what are coffees suppose to taste like?

That is what brought us to where we are today. To continue delivering the best coffees from carefully selected origins that have always put quality and sustainability first. This first step of sourcing is what allows us to roast our coffees with care, to an optimum degree, highlighting every beans’ unique characteristics and flavours that connoisseurs appreciate. That is why we continuously strive in our craft, our passion, our message. We love what we do, and we love sharing it with you..



To be the leading specialty coffee roaster by sourcing transparent, traceable, and sustainable coffees from farmers, and providing exceptional coffee experiences to consumers