Monthly Archives: April 2020

How COVID-19 will change how we work FOREVER

Global supply chains, especially in the manufacturing sector have experienced many different forms of disruption over the years – from earthquakes and tsunamis through to social unrest and even piracy in the Indian Ocean. Each disruption brings with it uncertainty in terms of how suppliers will be impacted and how long the disruption will last […]

Is Coffee Fortunetelling a Real Thing?

Sometime ago I tumbled into tea fortunetelling as I was writing a blog about tea and it got me thinking do people also use coffee for predictions. And that’s how the quest for coffee fortunetelling begun. I have to admit I’m not into the fortunetelling scene (is there one?) so all this was completely new for me. […]

Flavor pairing – Coffee and Bread

Bread with your morning coffee, so evident, yet – have you really tried flavor pairing it them? Being mindful about the bread as well as the coffee to create a perfect flavor pair? What is the texture, predominant flavors, temperature of the bread and time of the day? All of this is important in order […]

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